Unleashing the potential of BPR

with open banking platform

PT. Mitra Jasa Lima started as a business development consulting company mainly focused on payment and banking area, and now we offer an open API based service platform which relays transactions of financial services and products between service providers and  BPRs or financial institutions located in the suburb and rural area, in which we contribute the digitalization of BPR in a timely manner with advanced technology.  

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The first mover in Indonesian market


OpenBank+ is a platform providing products & services to meet the needs of rural banks, commercial banks and fintech

Mitra Jasa Lima is the platform provider and operator to support BPRs to grow and capable to enhance their competency in digitalisation for better customer service

BPR Overivew

BPR is mainly located in suburb and rural area nation wide in Indonesia offering saving account, loan and deposit products. Reportedly, BPRs have around 6,000 branches and 20mil customers. Most of their customers are MSME. BPR should be surely a pillar of emerging middle class of Indonesia, but their potential has been leashed due to considerably being behind Digitalization to compete with other financial institutions. 

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Source: OJK website     

Issues in the market


Proposed Solution

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